Is Your Hair Screaming for Steaming?

Hair Screaming for Natural Hair

From time to time, your hair might get dry and lack moisture and you might get confused as to what to do with it. Absorbing other products will be difficult as well as the hair and scalp would refuse to cooperate 

This is where steaming your hair comes in as the remedy to dry hair; it creates a humid environment and moisturizes your hair and scalp. It also replenishes the moisture that your hair has lost because of activities and exposure. 

One beautiful thing about steaming your hair is that it is not too time-consuming and you don’t have to make it an everyday ritual. But the results are amazing.  

Heat steamers use water vapor and heat to open your hair cuticles and allow moisture from water and conditioner to penetrate your hair and scalp.

 If you are wondering what steaming has to offer your hair, here’s what you need to know about this hair care practice 

Advantages of Hair Screaming

  • Hair Elasticity 

A healthy curly hair should be able to stretch without breaking or snapping, but sometimes dry hair would damage. 

Steam treatment moisturizes the hair so much that it can stretch without snapping or breaking.  

  • Opens clogged pores 

Steaming your hair and scalp regularly opens all the clogged pores that prevent and reduces the growth of your hair.

Steaming opens up your pores, releases the toxins blocking it, and then cleanses them, leaving your scalp healthy and free. 

  • Healthy Scalp

Steam therapy cleanses the scalp of all toxins and increases collagen production in the scalp.

Collagen production alongside increased blood flow ensures that your scalp is healthy and naturally shiny even without using artificial hair products 

  • Increased moisture retention 

If you have natural hair then you know that your ability to retain moisture is very important in maintaining and styling your hair into twists, nuts, cornrows, and the likes. 

Without adequate moisture retention, your hair will be unable to maintain its definition and lose shape in no time

  • Easier to manage 

Steaming your hair makes it easier to manage, style, comb, and plait. 

Well-steamed hair will not pose a problem when detangling or styling. It will also be easier to stretch and treat. 

With hair steaming, you would spend less time on every other activity you used to carry out that would take you lots of time. You also spend less on other hair products