Dating You.

Embracing the skin you’re in is key, but the journey is not always easy to unlock.

“Please don’t ignore me.”    Sincerely, Scalp

Is your scalp trying to tell you something? Scalp conditions are more common that you think. Let us help you hear what your scalp is saying.

When your back is against the wall, come out swinging! That’s exactly what many of us have had to do over the past weeks. With salons slowly opening back up, are you ready to dive into the deep? If you are, great. If no, here’s a great tutorial from Naptural85 on trimming your own hair.


SHADES OF YOU Mistaken Identity

Are you mixed?  Were you born in Africa?   

Is your mom or dad Caucasian?   

Do you speak Spanish?

How often have we missed identified someone by the color of their skin and the texture of their hair? Shades of You takes you inside the lives of women who have been miss identified and what they did at that given moment.

Celebrating our beautiful skin tones and our rich cultures.