The Art of the Shampoo

The Art of Shampooing- how to do the basic

As funny or strange as it might sound there are a right and a wrong way to shampoo your hair. 

Shammpooing your hair wrongly can give you less of the benefits while shampooing correctly can leave you hair at its healthiest

Curious about how this works? Let us look into the art of shammpooing, and see the best ways to shammpoo your hair 

Why Shampoo your hair?

When washing your hair water can remove most visible dirt but will fail to eliminate odors, dirt, debris, or oily deposits. The shampoo helps to remove dirt and debris effectively.

Shampoo contains chemicals called surfactants that remove surface debris from the hair and scalp and perfume that also expels odors

Basics of shampooing your hair 

  • Wet your hair before Shammpooing 

Ensure that you rinse your hair properly and get it wet before applying shampoo. This is because of shammpoo lathers and spreads better when the hair is wet. The wetter the hair, the less shampoo you use as well. 

  • Rinse with warm water 

Use warm water when rinsing your hair before applying shampoo. Warm water helps open up the hair cuticles to better absorb the shammpoo and easily remove dirt from the hair

  • Mix Shampoo with Water

Don’t use shammpoos directly on your scalp, but mix it with little water to ensure it spreads evenly through your scalp. When you mix shammpoo with water you also use less shampoo than when you apply it directly

  • Pay More Attention to the Scalp

The roots of your hair are the dirtiest and oiliest so they need more attention than the hair

Shammpooing the ends of your hair can make it drier because the ends are comparatively dryer than the scalp 

  • Avoid Abrasive Washing

Scrub your hair gently with your fingers and palms and avoid scrubbing your scalp with your nails as it can wear away the outer surface and attract infections.

Also, avoid washing your hair in circular or back and forth motions as it can cause your hair to break or tangle

  • Don’t Shampoo Twice

People believe that shammpooing twice makes the hair cleaner but what it does is to wash off the natural oil your hair needs to grow and stay healthy.

Only shammpoo twice if you had previously added artificial oil to your hair and it isn’t coming off.