DIY Hair Steaming

DIY Hair Steaming Procedures 

If you are not able to visit the salon frequently for hair treatment or you prefer to treat your hair yourself, there is a Do-It-Yourself solution that is just as effective as a salon treatment

Here’s how to do your steam treatment

  • Wash and detangle your hair and then saturate with conditioner
  • Get a shower cap, steaming cap or plastic bag that is big enough to cover your hair entirely 
  • Get a turban towel or absorbent towel and soak it in water
  • After getting in wet, place the towel in a microwave and heat for a few minutes until it is warm
  • Twist towel/turban lightly and wrap it around your head
  • Cover your head with a steaming cap or plastic bag 
  • Use your hooded hair steamer for 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you don’t have a dryer, allow your body heat to do the work
  • After an hour or two, rinse your hair with very cool water to seal your hair cuticles and lock the moisture in