Baking Soda for Acene

Baking Soda for Acene. Natures’ Universal remote.

I’m sure we all know somebody who’s Great Grandma “Old school” practically invented the nearly twenty-five hundred and thirty-two, give or take, practical uses of the stuff. If baking soda doesn’t have more jobs than working Americans then it at least has a solution to our economic problems in-between teeth whitening, household cleaning, and deodorizing, of course.


This latest testament to soda’s extensive usefulness comes from the home remedy’s book by Jerry Baker Grandma Putt’s Old-TIme Vinegar, Garlic, Baking Soda, and 101 More Problem Solvers. In his book, he describes that moment of post-pubescence angst where you first begin to realize the struggle that comes with aging in the form of a pimple. Now… acne rears its ugly head in black, white, and many other ugly colors, shapes, and sizes, and it’s the first appearance or any re-occurring roles are never welcomed in the teen drama that is most teenager’s life. So how did Baker suggest the protagonist take on the villain and save the damsel in distress, with the stress bumps???

Why enlist the help of our good buddy and hero, bakking soda (along with some wheat germ but most sites say just use water and make a paste). But why is baking soda so effective against the defenses of acne when it has had centuries of malicious practice on the unsuspecting adolescents destined to wear their maturity on their face? It’s because bakin soda goes both ways. Or as more scientifically put by “” baking soda is amphoteric, meaning it is both an acid and a base. Whereas acne is generally a build-up of oils, bacteria, and cells swelling into blemishes on the skin.

Baking soda’s unusual characteristic allows it to restore balance to pH levels in the skin. But it gets better, instead of riding out into the sunset as mysteriously as it appeared baking soda’s “mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties enable it to lessen the irritation caused by inflamed acne.” You caught that, right? “” is basically saying baking soda stays with you to make sure you’re doing alright after it’s done is job. That’s one more for baking soda; in addition to facial cleanser, it’s also a role model for lousy partners.

However, before you start rushing to your local dollar-mart or filling station baking soda isn’t everyone’s McDreamy/Scar Jo and it might not be able to get your desired results at first or ever. If you start to see signs of failure from your bakking soda, DON’T THROW IT AWAY!!! Cause you know there are a dozen more uses for it. Instead, go see a doctor offer him some baking soda, I got a friend whose great-grandma “Old School” uses soda to barter with her physicians. Good luck, until next time…

Good things are going to happen to you today 🙂