The Decision to Go Back to Natural

Natural Hair: Going on a Natural Hair Journey in Today’s World

Natural hair is one of the leading hair-dos in today’s fashion world. That said, I hope that you are not thinking what many people usually think about natural hair – that it is a chemical-free hair? It might surprise you that you have forgotten about the fact that the common water (H20), which you must use to wash your hair from time to time, is as a chemical in its own right.  This brings us to defining natural hair as simply a relaxer-free hair rather than chemical-free hair.

Making the Decision to Go Natural

No doubt, giving yourself the desired hair-do can be quite demanding, but it is often worth all the efforts and resources invested if you can identify what is best for you, and then going for it without hesitating.

On the surface, it appears simple enough to just wake up one morning, and decide to go natural with your hair, but it might surprise you that you could argue with yourself for so long before making the move. Most times, you need to take some time to decide whether it’s actually what you want to do and whether it’s something you can sustain into the future because it is indeed a difficult decision. Hence you have to be bold while taking this first step of deciding to keep your hair natural without getting relaxers.

Why would you need to keep natural hair?

If this thought has ever run through your mind for once, then you are right to ask yourself that because every decision never goes without its consequence, right?

Natural hair has its pros. For instance, it can make your hair blacker, thicker, fuller, or curlier.

It also seems to grow faster and sheds less than relaxed hair.

Then there is the fact that it is more versatile to deal with.

On the other hand, there are also cons to going natural. One such con is that it requires more attention for good upkeep and care. You will need to make it a routine to wash and moisturize the hair with good conditioning and moisturizing products.

Let us not also forget that it is not an easy task to shampoo or detangle natural hair when compared to relaxed or straightened hair because natural hair is often dry and shrinking.

Worst of all is the fact that you have to be willing to face a lot of negative comments which you must learn to handle.

If after considering all the cons, you are still convinced that what you want with your hair is going natural, then you can read further to see how you can do it. But if you cannot deal with all those, then you are advised to go on with your relaxed hair and save yourself the stress of reading further into the next segment.