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How 2 Relate

In an effort to bridge gaps, mend hearts and move forward in a positive direction, NBW presents the series, “How 2 Relate.” One way of fighting racial and social injustices is through education. Gain understanding, insight and new perspectives from the messages below.  Special thanks to the  brave brown and black skin women who dare to share their experiences.
No. You Cannot Touch My Hair! by Mena Fombo is a must see. In this Ted Talk, Mena gives you a much deeper insight on why brown and black skin women prefer their hair not to be touched.
What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You. A Buzz Feed Must See Video.
Have a friend with natural hair and want to make conversation about it? Things Women With Natural Hair Are Tired Of Hearing.
From being treated as a rare, exotic creature, to being asked which side of your heritage you’d pick if you had to. Here are just a few preconceptions mixed-race people have to deal with, along with a few of the best things about being dual heritage. Take a look! Courtesy of BBC Three!
Tia Mowry shares her story on growing up multiracial including the racism she’s as a child and what she’s witnessed being married to an African American man. Video Courtesy of Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix
Facts about Ethiopia that most People Don’t Know Thanks for sharing Amena and Elias!
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