Hair Discrimination = Race Discrimination

Black hair is unlike any other hair. The texture, the look, and the feel of natural black hair is different. Even some of the styles that we wear can only be worn on our hair without causing damage. But is this trait that is almost exclusive to the black community used as a new form of race discrimination? Sadly, this not new, as minorities have suffered from hair discrimination for years. Studies have shown that African American women face the highest instances of hair discrimination and are more likely to be sent home from the workplace because of their hair. The same study also revealed that 80% of black women feel as though they have to change their hairstyles in order to fit in at work. Although laws such as the Crown Act, are working towards relief for black people to wear their hair how its grown, many black men, women, and children suffer in their workplaces and schools everyday due to unfair rules involving their hair.

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