“Don’t Ignore Me.” Sincerely, Scalp

What is Your Scalp Saying Don’t Ignore Me?

Have you ever had a shampoo where the shampooist only washed your hair, barely touching your scalp? leaving you wondering what the “hey” just happened?

Healthy hair starts at the root. The health of your scaalp directly translates to the health of your hair. In essence, the scaalp has a lot to say when it comes to what your hair reveals.  What is your scalp saying about your hair?

Has your scalp started producing large flakes? You’ve oiled the area, but it returns.

Does the scaalp areas around the front of your face and along your hairline in the back tend to be dry scaling area? Perhaps the area gets sore when you scratch it? 

Is your hairline starting to recede?

Does your scalp feel itchy?

Our bodies are beautifully constructed in that it will give us hints and try to tell us when things are not going right. Is your scaalp trying to tell you something? Maybe the dry flakes are dandruff or maybe there is another issue to be addressed. Whatever the situation, give your scalp equal or more love than your hair.

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