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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Naturally Brown Woman is to empower women of color to be self-sufficient is all wellness sufficiency. Through the sharing of resources, ideas and concepts, NBW is an educational collective that provides resources  to help women of color live healthier and more prosperous lifestyles. 

Whether the method is  “do it yourself”, with your favorite professional or a combination of the two, Naturally Brown Woman is the best guide to growing you.


Women are multifaceted with many layers and so is Naturally Brown Woman.

NBW is about color. We see color . We celebrate color. We love it!

NBW is a collective. We bring together various levels of professionals on various topics to educate and empower.

NBW is about empowerment. We work from the inside out to strengthen and help women of color keep a positive momentum.

NBW is a move. It’s seeing things for what they are and moving toward what we prefer them to be. 

NBW is that safe space for women of color to find resources to get them to the next chapter in their lives.


There is still a need to serve the underserved. NBW is a resource service center for women of color. Providing wellness information to all black and brown skinned women all over the world.

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Naturally Brown Woman

Special thanks to all the YouTubers who work tirelessly sharing their experiences – regularly creating videos helping to empower others. Be sure to support them by subscribing to their channels and sending positive thoughts.

Our Story

Confessions of a Hair Stylist Daughter

“Ouch! Momma, that hurt!” 

 “There’s no hair right there!” referring to the “kichin” or fine hair along my neck line. My mom was a stylist, determined to straighten every hair strand on my elementary school head.  As a kid, I hated that straightening or hot comb, but I must admit, I got alot of compliments on my hair. Could it be that at an early age, I equated beauty with pain? Well, I don’t know about that ,but one thing for sure, the teen Tammy could not take it any more and that’s when things got more complicated than my future adult self imagined.


Founder, Naturally Brown Woman

Founder, Naturally Brown Woman

After months of pleading with my Mom to get a relaxer, After months of pleading with my Mom to get a relaxer, she finally succumbed to my request. Although I got and had a relaxer for years, something never felt right. Even the most sensitive  relaxers, were not friendly to my scalp.

I’ve been natural for over 14 years and glad to say, my Mom is as well. The transition was not easy, but I made it over and haven’t looked back.

Looking forward to sharing my natural hair journey and a ton of resources from the best in the  business.



I am to some degree subjective, and it’s important that you don’t take everyone else’s opinion at face value. You should look to discover what you find truly beautiful, whether that be in art, in people, or in nature.            Love, Beauty
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